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Harridge Falls



Beautiful Harridge Falls.  Just 10 minutes walk from the Tasmania Highway.


A track to the falls has only been marked out in very recent times.  The start of the track is very difficult to find.  It commences at the easterly most point of the highway between Moorina and Weldborough.  Look for a steep 4 W D road which drops steeply to the left.  There is a parking bay about 50 metres further on towards Weldborough.  The track commences 4 'guide posts' from the side road back towards Moorina.  A steep climb back.  The local group "Friends of The Blue Tier" are negotiating the building of a proper track to the falls and back along the Weld River to the 4 W D track.  Very picturesque.




The Weldborough Hotel.  A perfect place to base yourself for exploring the Blue Tier area.  There is a camping ground behind and accommodation at the hotel.  Try the 'Possum Stew".  The Hotel is one of the icons of the North Eastern Highlands along with the nearby "Pub in the Paddock".