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Mt Pillinger

Mersey Forest Road

About 12 kilometres along the Arm River forestry road from the Arm River Falls is the commencement of the Arm River Track.  Arm River road branches off the Mersey Forest Road just north of Lake Rowallan.  The track provides access to the Overland Track at Lake Eyr.  A junction to Mt Pilinger is reached after an hours walk.  The Mt Pillinger track heads off to the left.  It is not signposted and easy to miss!  Another 20 or 30 minutes further on is another junction.  A right turn heads back to the Arm River track allowing a loop walk.  The left track here takes you to the summit of Mt Pillinger.  Another hour further on.


One of the great panoramic views of the Mountains of the Overland Track to the west, Lee's Paddocks to the south west and the Walls of Jerusalem and the Great Western Tiers to the east.  The picture on the right is Mt Pillinger taken from Lake Price on the Arm River track - about half way between the two junctions in the track to the mountain.


Despite recent rain the track was mostly dry.  There is a quite steep 20 minute section near the start of the walk and another not so steep near the summit of the mountain.



The picture above left is of Mt Ossa, Tasmania's highest mountain at 1617 metres. Mt Pelion East is in front of Mt Ossa with it's distinctive cone shaped peak on it's left side.  Mt Pelion West is shown in the picture on the right and was taken using a zoom lens.  Both pictures could be 'stitched' together for a continuous panorama.  Not shown further to the right are Mt Oakleigh, Barn Bluff and Cradle Mountain.  CLICK BOTH IMAGES FOR DESKTOP SIZE VERSIONS.

  Lee's Paddocks just to the left of Mt Ossa from Mt Pillinger.  The Mersey River flows through the valley. Pristine rainforest right next to dry schlerophyl eucalypt forest directly below Mt Pillinger.  
  Beautiful rainforest just next to Lake Price. The western access track to Mt Pillinger  

Colours of the track.  The image on the far left is the start of the track.  Wading along the stream is necessary.