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The Upper Florentine Valley

Gordon River Road


The Florentine River has it's source near the start of the Scotts Peak road.  The Gordon River Road to Strathgordon crosses the river about 30 kilometres from Maydena.  Timbs Track commences about 25 kilometres from Maydena not far past the Hombolt Pass.


Timbs Track is the original access track for the very beautiful Lake Rhona.  Originally a three day walk one way.  The first kilometre and a half of the track passes through pristine rainforest before emerging on to button grass plains and heath.  A lookout has been erected on a small rise providing views to the grand forests of the Upper Florentine.


Well worth the stop.  Forestry has developed several picnic stops along the Gordon Road which include very fine forest walks.


The area is the site of the well publicized protest camp for the better protection of the Upper Florentine forests. The protestors were recently removed from the site.  They were occupying the road 30 metres from Timbs Track which had been cut through the forest to access the very rich timber resources in the area.


Protest camp








Timbs Track lookout

View from the lookout to the Florentine River.