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Shipstern Bluff Map

The Tasman Peninsula

The track to Shipstern Bluff and Tunnel Bay is very clearly marked and dry or 'hardened'. The only difficult aspects of the track are two steep sections.

Parking where the road narrows to one lane.

Cross the fence at the telegraph pole in the image above. Start of the track.



15 minutes

Junction of the Cape Raoul track - 30 minutes



First view of the coastline. Start of the steep section of the track. 40 minutes.

Junction with the Tunnel Bay track. 1 hr 40 min

Crossing the top of Shipstern Bluff. Almost 2 hours to the base of Shipstern Bluff.


A wide 2 level rock shelf stretches from the eastern to the western side of Shipstern providing fine views. The shelf is easy to access. The track down the eastern side of Shipstern is also easy to negotiate. A little steep heading back up.

The view looking east to Raoul Bay from the track heading down the side of Shipstern Bluff.