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RINADENA FALLS - Little Fisher River

The Walls of Jerusalem

After driving past the Lake Rowallan hydro electric dam Dublin Road heads off to the left just pass the boat ramps on the right.  A 10 or 12 kilometre drive on good gravel logging roads takes you to the Little Fisher river.  After crossing the river there is an immediate turn to the right and yet another which heads south near the river.


A few kilometres along is the start of the Tarrana Bluff walk.  There are many options for walking here including eastern access to the heart of the Walls of Jerusalem national park.  The falls are in the Park.  After an hours walk pretty Rinadena Falls are reached.  The walk is actually in the park.  There is a walkers registration book half an hour from the car park.  Another one of those attractive myrtle forest walks.  Easy going, just a very gradual uphill climb.  The drive in provides commanding view of Fisher Bluff, Devil's Gullet and Deception Point.


We went in on the last day of spring after a 4 weeks dry spell.  As such there was little water in the river.  A good map is recommended.  As with all remote walks in Tasmania, care must be taken.  Snakes are prevalent in spring and summer.






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