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Cradle Mt - Lake St Clair National Park


The track to Quaile's Falls was surprisingly dry despite recent rain.  Gym shoes did the job.  However, a couple of small leaches managed to find their way onto the legs.  Carry some salt and check for them near the wetter area around the falls.  The first 40 minutes of the walk is a moderate downhill grade.  Hardly noticeable on the way back.  However, the last 15 minutes to the base of the falls is very steep.  Hard work coming back up.  There are a couple of fallen logs to shimmy over on the slope to the base.


The bleak terrain by the road to the falls.



Just over 5 minutes into the walk there is a track which branches off to the right.  We took a 30 minute diversion along the track.  Superb myrtle walk.



Near the start of the steep descent from the top of the falls.  LEFT: Looking down.  RIGHT: Looking up.  40 minutes into the walk.  The base of the falls were reached exactly an hour from the start of the track.


Looking down from the top of the falls.  It was a little over 15 minutes from the base of the falls back to the top.