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BEN LOMOND National Park

The Plains of Heaven


After a 30 minute drive from Launceston via St Leonards and Cora Lin on a very good sealed road the turn off to Ben Lomond ski fields is encountered.   From here a very good gravel road leads to the Ski Village below Legges Tor - Tasmania's second highest peak.  A spectacular section of the road known as Jacobs Ladder climbs the escarpment to the Ben Lomond plateau.  The ski village is only a few minutes further on.  In December and January the road is flanked by masses of wildflowers in bloom - mainly Richea Scoparia.


A few hundred metres before the village a track heads off to the right.  It is well marked.  The track initially passes through an area known as The Plains of Heaven.  It lived up to its name today.  The pictures tell the story.


After 15 or 20 minutes a track junction is encountered next to a quaint old ski lodge.  The left track leads up to the summit of Legges Tor.  One of the great short walks.  The right track heads back to the base of the escarpment at Carr Villa, the site of a scout hut.  The walk takes about an hour and a half from the summit of Legges Tor.


The public shelter at the Ski Village shown in the image below along with the adjacent tavern were destroyed by fire in May 2018. A temporary public shelter has been erected which is always open.




  Jacobs Ladder From Jacobs Ladder viewing platform Public shelter in front of Ben Lomond Creek Inn. Destroyed in 2018. View of the Ski village from the summit of Legges Tor.  
  country scene by the Ben Lomond road. Legges Tor from the start of the track. Wildflowers in bloom. Cigar Rocks  
  Cushion plant abounds along the track. The track passes the "Land of Little Sticks". Jacobs Ladder ascent. Mountain Rocket.