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The Great Western Tiers


Parsons Falls are located a little over a kilometre below the Lake Mckenzine Dam on the Fisher River. We followed the 4WD 'road' which crosses the river just below the south western side of the dam. The road veers back to the right and after a few hundred metres and passes a quarry on the right. The track to Blue Peaks track commences opposite the quarry. Another few hundred metres further down the road a canal is reached. The right branch continues to a pipeline which drops down to the river. A stairway follows the pipeline. The falls are about 100 metres downstream. Access is not recommended if the river level is high. We did not get to the bottom of the falls on the day we visited.


We visited on 17th January 2011 with the dam spilling strongly. The dam has rarely spilt in recent years. Lake Mackenzie is the highest hydro electric lake in Tasmania.



Summer wildflowers provided a colourful trip. More to come.