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BEN LOMOND National Park

Little Hell




Below the ski village a cross country trail heads roughly south east.  The trail is signposted as a cross country ski route through Surprise Valley.  A not well defined track follows the ski poles along the trail.  The poles make the trail easy to follow.  A junction is encountered after about 20 minutes.  Surprise Valley route heads off to the right.  The trail to Little Hell continues on and eventually also heads right.  An easy almost flat walk apart for the ascent of Little Hell - an easy short rock hop.  Less than an hours walk from the Ski Village.  The views over Rodway Valley and the Giblin Fells are superb.  Lake Baker and Lake Youl can be seen in the distance along with Stacks Bluff.


At the summit of Little Hell another ski pole trail heads back to the Ski Village via the western end of Surprise Valley allowing for a circuit walk.


A highly recommended walk.


Panorama looking south from Little Hell.  Lake Baker, Lake Youl and Stacks Bluff (top right) can be seen from here.  Rodway Valley in the foreground.  The large format view (click on image) clearly shows the sandy beach of Lake Youl.

Little Hell summit.

  Rodway Valley and the Giblin Fells from Little Hell.  A river of fallen dolerite. Start of the track. Small boulder fields are encountered on the walk.  
  The 'trail' near the Ski Village. Superb summer wildflowers.