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The Great Western Tiers


Looking South East from near Lee's Hut


From the left the mountains are Twin Spires, Cathedral Mountain, Castle Crag and Mount Massif - part of the Du Cane Range.  The Overland Track passes this side of the base of the latter two mountains.



Looking downstream from where the track enters Lee's Paddocks.

Lee's Hut with Dean Bluff in the background. The Mersey River follows the tree line at the edge of the paddock.  The walk in follows the river to the left in both pictures above.



Lees' Paddocks is private property where the Lee family still grazes cattle.  The family also own the hut below but leave the door unlocked for the use of walkers to the area.



Mt Pillinger looking north west  from Lee's Hut.  The Lee's Paddocks track continues on the the Arm River and Innes tracks off to the left and on to Pelion Hut on the Overland track.  About 6 kilometres.




Entertained by the Lee's family - Lee's Paddocks.

Lee's Hut with Mt Pillinger in the background.


RIGHT: Lees Paddocks from Mt Pillinger