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Lake Augusta



The Great Lake and the surrounding area is better known for great fishing.  It is a bleak place but with it's own raw beauty.


There is a hotel at the south western side of the lake at Miena.  There is a Rangers Station and picnic area further north at Liawenee.  There is an excellent information room, picnic area with wood BBQ and very clean rest rooms.


Heading off to the west from Liawenee is a road to Lakes Augusta and Ada - along with an estimated 1,000 lakes further on!


The area has little scenic attraction.  However, there is a geomorphological feature known as 'Lunettes" near Lake Augusta.  They were formed by the side of some lakes after the last glacial period.  They are the only alpine Lunettes in Australia. More information HERE and HERE.





The rare parabolic alpine dunes or Lunettes by Lake Augusta.


Most of the well known mountains of the Overland Track can be seen from here.


Sharing the roads in Tasmania is a common occurrence.




The road to Lake Augusta is rough in places but suitable for 2WD vehicles.  The road provides further access to many favourite fishing lakes. Most are definitely only accessible by 4WD.  The sign on the right provides information on whether the roads are passable - which is only during summer for most of them when the lakes are low. Roads cross the lake beds.


The sign is at the start of the Lake Augusta road opposite the visitors centre.