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The Great Western Tiers - Lady Lake



We first took the walk in early Autumn on March 26th 2002.  At the commencement of the walk, the sky was overcast and not looking too promising for good photos on arrival at the lake.  The shot on the right was taken when we arrived.  Things were very gloomy but provided  excellent effects for photos.  We headed around to the trees opposite and had lunch hoping for the weather to improve.  The breeze picked up a little and it became a little cold.  Within the hour the clouds cleared for a bright sunny and quite warm afternoon.  Jumpers were not needed on the walk.


The pictures below were taken in mid winter 2007.  A bright sunny but very cold day. 2 degrees C.








LEFT: View towards Mother Cummings Peak (north) from near  Lady Lake Hut. CENTRE: View of the 'watery' plain taken from the rocky hill above the hut.  The hut has been re-built since our first visit in 2002.  RIGHT: Another view of Mother Cummings Peak where Higgs Track enters the edge of the escarpment.  ABOVE LEFT:  Partially frozen Dale Creek.




Lady Lake Hut.  Lady Lake is a 5 minute walk to the right of picture.