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The Great Western Tiers

Liffey Falls can be accessed from Deloraine or from Bracknell. The Bracknell access follows the Liffey River when passing through the hamlet of Liffey. Access to the lower track to Liffey is passed on the left before heading uphill on Bogan Road. This is a very narrow road and care needs to be taken. After 5 or 10 minutes the road levels off and a turn to the left to Liffey Falls is encountered. The turn is well signposted. Instead of taking the turn head straight on for about half a kilometre where a bridge crosses a creek. A taped trail follows the eastern or right hand side of the river downstream. A few small cascades are encountered before the trail drops down to the bottom of the falls. A very steep descent. The road to the right of the creek can also be followed for about 250 metres. Head into the bush towards the creek. The trail to the base of the falls follows the line of a large fallen tree.


There are numerous falls in the Liffey area.



Cascade above Honor Falls.



Coalminer's Creek Falls, Liffey. The falls are on private property.



Oura Oura reserve, Liffey. Originally owned by Bob Brown's family and donated to Bush Heritage Australia.

Drys Bluff dominates the skyline above the Liffey River