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Lady Lake

The Great Western Tiers



The track originally commenced near Western Creek.  Westrope logging road has made the trip a little easier.  The trip to Lady Lake is almost 4 kilometres each way.  Allow a little under 4 hours return.  There is a short 10 or 15 minute walk to the original track which involves crossing Dale Brook.  There is an easy log crossing of the creek.  After crossing the creek the track is a little steep before reaching the original track.  The track then climbs uphill at a steady but manageable climb.  Once reaching the top of the escarpment there are superb views around the Tiers to Mother Cummings Peak (another walk).  There is a small diversion left to  a viewing area.  When reaching the top, the track becomes less clear.  Directly in front of you is a pool laden plain.  If you look closely you can just make out the track in the grass.  Despite the mass of little pools, the walk across the plain is quite dry - as is the whole walk.


On crossing the plain, take a right turn before heading up the hill.  A hundred metres ahead you will find the ruins of an old settlers hut near a stand of a few Pencil Pines.  (A new hut has been built here since our visit).  Continue on around the rocky hill to Lady Lake.


The terrain immediately around the lake is another one of those mosaics of colour which are abundant throughout the wilderness areas of Tasmania.  The walk from the car park to the rim of the escarpment is through a beautiful rain forest of old Myrtles, Sassafras and ferns.


Higgs Track continues on to Lake Mackenzie - the hydro electric lake near Devils Gullet.  The track continues on to the Walls of Jerusalem.

View over Dairy Plains towards Mt Arthur.