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Cataract Gorge, Launceston






The Cataract Gorge is referred to as a piece of 'wilderness' in the city.  The gorge commences at Kings Bridge just 10 or 15 minutes walk from the city centre.  There is vehicle access at various places along the gorge.  Public transport is also available to various locations.  If you don't have your own transport an excellent afternoon out is to take the Trevallyn bus high in the hills to New World Avenue.  The bus trip is a scenic tour itself!  There is about a 2 kilometre walk to Trevallyn Dam, mostly down hill.  The Cable Hang Glider is just near the entrance to the dam picnic area.  There is a track which commences just near the gates to the dam.  The track continues high above the river past Deadman's Hollow, across Deadman's Knob.  Just past Deadman's Knob a track branches off to the right to Duck Reach.  A very scenic walk back to the first basin.  Almost all the walk is down hill!


On a warm day there are plenty of swimming opportunities along the way .


There are many recreational facilities in the area.  See the map.


The Cliff Grounds in Spring. The above image is included on our Launceston DVD.

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From left, Toilets including facilities for disabled at the Hoo Hoo Hut.  The track descending to Duck Reach Power Station Museum next to the old intake pipes.




City to Kings Bridge (entrance to the Gorge) - 15 min

Kings Bridge to Cliff Grounds - 15 min

Cliff Grounds to Alexandra Suspension Bridge - 5 min

Alexandra Suspension Bridge to Duck Reach Power Station Museum - 45 min

Duck Reach Power Station Museum - Deadman's Hallow (Hoo Hoo Hut) - 30 min

Deadman's Hallow to Trevallyn Dam (Cable Hang Glider) - 45 min



Cable Hang Glider with Trevallyn Lake in the background

Deadman's Hollow or the Third Basin.

Hoo Hoo Hut next to Deadman's Hollow lookout

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