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The Great Western Tiers

  cascade below Chasm Falls Chasm Falls track  

Meander Forest Reserve is a comfortable hours drive from either Launceston or Devonport.  Deloraine is half way between Launceston and Devonport.  Meander is 15 kilometres south of Deloraine with the reserve a further 10 kilometres further on.  The road passed the Meander irrigation dam - Lake Huntsman.  The new lake is a very scenic addition to the area.  A new picnic area has been constructed overlooking the lake. The Chasm Falls track commences at the end of Smoko Road which is just inside the reserve.  The road is well signposted.  The tracks to Smoko Falls and Mother Cummings Peak (south) as well as Charlie Nutting Cave also commence here.  (we have since learned that it is Charlie Nutting Camp)  The Smoko Falls track is just to the right of the car park although the sign points the other way.  Despite two visits to the area we were unaware the track was there as it is almost concealed!  The latter tracks are not signposted although the old track to Smoko Falls and Mother Cummings Peak can be accessed from the Chasm Falls track.  Chasm Falls track goes on to Zig Zag Rock.  We will return here.

Deloraine is a very busy country town servicing a wide country community.  There are ample restaurants and cafes as well as a post office and 3 hotels.  Meander is a very small town with a good general store with basic but very good quality snacks.